Manu Bosch

Production Lead & Workshop Facilitator

offers How things are

Manu is a facilitator and guide for transformational experiences in groups, organizations and individuals.

Working with various unconventional techniques that include body, consciousness and nature, such as Social Presencing Theater, Dragon Dreaming, Generative Facilitation and Nature Rites, I share this work in the shape of workshops, training, journeys, retreats, festivals and projects of all kinds. “What I share is what I love to practice. If „healing is the new punk“, my practice is my form of protest.””

At Touch&Play Germany Manu is coordinating with coordinators and teachers and holds up with all the team the T&P purpose of Exploring the Relational Body.


Beata Absalon

Co-production & Workshop Facilitator

offers Not giving a fuck.

Beata’s workshops are experiments in staying with complexity – not resolving it, but considering it as an invitation: to find solace and deep joy in witnessing each other in our banality and clutter, understanding it as a creative, erotic, powerful source to relax and re-invent how we wish to live with each other.

As a cultural theorist who received training in various somatic fields she brings attention for social contexts, ambiguities and aesthetic qualities of intimacy. Being skeptical about promises of transformation she is currently recognizing non-cathartic feelings (like awkward-, shy-, lazy-, prudeness,…) as worthwhile, exploring them not only in her workshops at but also in her forthcoming book.



Intensive Facilitator

offers Truth Me Not

Swan Aleon is an artist and psychotherapist specializing in somatic and post-Jungian approaches to self-awareness and growth. They wrote their PhD thesis on processes of personal and social transformation at the University of Cambridge, trained at the Jacques Lecoq school of physical theatre, and hold certificates in tantra yoga, breathwork, and hypnotherapy. They have been guiding individuals and groups on three continents for over a decade and founded an organization that curates art and mindfulness experiences for inner and outer peace. @swanalyon @instituteofdevotionalarts


Anir Leben

Intensive CI-Lab Facilitator

offers “Co-Liberating the Truth of Aliveness” – A CI Jam Laboratory

Anir is an experienced Spaceholder, Teacher and Mistress of Ceremony that guides people into embodiment, voice and ritual since 2007.
She graduated in dance, improvisation and performance and recently as a VITA Sex, Love & Relationship Coach, studied the voice in various ways, and thoroughly continues refining the art of holding space for transformation in groups and individuals – guiding people through what’s alive and what needs integration into taking one magnificent next step.

“Dancing and researching Contact Improvisation has nourished and taught me more for my life and work than any other school, methodology or philosophy that I’ve studied or come across. I believe this dance to be one of the rare treasures that has the power to move mountains within social change and our human evolution“. @agile.arts, FB: Anir Leben,


Intensive Facilitator

offers True pleasure, false limits: exploring pain and deeper sensations

After studying physics and education, Andrea started his professional life as a research physicist, followed by work with international organizations and later as a security professional. Not being confused enough by his choices, he decided to add bodywork to the mix and studied Shiatsu and Tantric massage until progressively deciding to create his own strain of bodywork focused on consciously mixing pain and pleasure. Oh, and now he is studying psychotherapy too.

Since 2013, body- and sex-positivity have been at the core of Andrea’s activism and social engagement. He is focusing on organizing low-threshold events offering safer, non-judgemental spaces and wider access to bodywork, emphasizing emotional or sensual connections. A central tenet of his work is that the body is a key element in how we integrate emotions and thoughts; our own as well as our partners’. / @pleasurecatalysts


Intensive Facilitator

offers True pleasure, false limits: exploring pain and deeper sensations

Lian lives and works in Vienna as a physiotherapist, yoga teacher, and activist. Studying Peace and Conflict transformation in her master’s gave her an in-depth ability to analyse real-life situations with a critical but caring lens. She is currently active in several projects and communities that have queerness, intersectionality, consent, body/sex positivity, and youth empowerment as their focus. Such as the Project “My Body My Rules”, which tackles topics like sexualised violence through the means of dance and theater.

Her focus lies on supporting people in different phases of life and facilitating their transformation towards feeling peaceful, strong, pleasurable and embodied. She specializes in the pelvic floor and very much enjoys providing people with thorough anatomical knowledge and tools to debunk shame and stigma around the body and sexuality. / @pleasurecatalysts



Workshop Facilitator & Ritual Facilitator

offers Embodied-Grief-Temple: Making Sanctuary inside the Cracks and Sensing the Hungers, Dancing with Desires

Alma ∞ Omega dedicates her life’s work to weaving the succulent strands of Dance, Music, Embodiment, Transformation & Earth-based Ritual as an offering to past-present-future time-lines.

Alma is a DJ, Open Floor Embodied-Dance Teacher, Ritualist, Grief Tender, Creatrix, Weaver, Rebel-Shape-shifter & Mid-wife for the Soul.

As an embodied-artist, Alma’s passion is to create & hold spaces wherein we can remember the fabric of our humanity, our connection to divinity/source, and our intricate-inherent-inter-connection to all of Life. / / @almaomega.

Dana Reina Téllez

Ritual Facilitator & Peace Council Representative

offers Embodied-Grief-Temple: Making Sanctuary inside the Cracks

Dana Reina Téllez (they/she) Indigenous body of culture, artist and sacred activist dedicated to imagination as embodied social justice.

Committed to following the dissonant rhythm of decolonial queer-lifemaking,

Devoted to spinning the thread between us and all of life.


Justi Tutti Gusti

Workshop Facilitator & Work Exchange Coordinator

offers Burlesco Wacko- The Shadow Mask

Justi Tutti Gusti is a community artist, performer and educator. I devise performances and creative interventions concerning social subjects that matter. I am a mover and a dancer, crazy about contact improvisation. My methodology is inspired by research/practice in burlesque, butoh, clowning, sexy siren, tantra, theatre improvisation, the work of Bill Plotkin and various other movement and therapeutic practices. I hold a BA in Fine Arts and an MA in Adult Education for Social Change, amongst several other certificates. @burlesco_wacko


Mona-Bawani Mühlhausen

Workshop Facilitator & Work Exchange Coordinator

offers The moaning experiment

Studied art therapy, theater & dance in Freiburg, Berlin and Leipzig.
She initiates, stages and performs theatre plays and performances. She works with collective process and devising principles. Her works are always play developments of her own texts or her own artistic research, which she realizes with actors or experts on the respective topic. She is artistically exploring the human psyche and social mechanisms and sees artistic negotiation as political visualization. @Mona_Bawani

Janina Vivianne

Ritual Facilitator & Peace Council Coordinator

offers 4 Elements Sensual Space

Janina Vivianne (she/her) is a passionate sex & intimacy coach and sex educator. She is dedicated to creating safer spaces that support individuals who’re on their Sex- & Body-Positive explorative journeys to self fulfillment. In her workshops she focuses on fostering connections through deepening intimacy, all while practicing selflove & building consent skills. / @Janina_vivianne

Barbara Bess

Morning Offering Facilitator

offers Placing

Barbara Bess is a curator, choreographer, and visual artist. She studied choreography at the HZT in Berlin and dance at SEAD Salzburg. Since 2008, she has been developing performance projects at the intersection of urban and rural cultural spaces, teaching yoga, contemporary dance, composition, and body awareness in various educational contexts. Since 2021, she has been establishing her own school for somatic movement research with artist-in-residence programs. Foto by Sebastian Autenrieth.

Jamus Wood

Workshop Facilitator

offers Where Are We Coming From?  –  The nervous system and rope play


I dance, I explore and I have an innate curiosity for life. Deeply influenced and rooted by the practices of Body Mind Centering, Contact Improvisation, explorations into The Land and Embodied Consciousness. Currently I am exploring the more than human relationship with Dartmoor and the question of what does the land remember.
TouchandPlay has been a rich place of learning, experiencing and play over the last ten years, so much so that I find myself as part of the organising teach for this unique and exciting experience.

Dan Faberhoff

Photographer & Peace Council Representative

CI practitioner with 20 years experience, and photographer and team member at T&P gatherings since 2012, with extensive, decades-long experience documenting physical expression and sex-positive spaces. Works as an interdisciplinary artist in the fields of mediated physical and digital presence, movement, somatic and eco-somatic practice, encompassing new media, interactive technology, fine art, live presence and movement art, multimedia installation, socially engaged art, interventions in public space and participatory art actions, and an extensive background that includes yoga and insight meditation teaching, water dance, aquatic bodywork and free-diving, social-ecological practice, and a depth of experience exploring community and commoning.

Jem Stopes

Soothe&Care Team Coordinator

Jem Stopes (they/them) is a conflict mediator, group facilitator and psychosexual/relationship therapist. They have a background working in the reduction of violence against women and girls, both on a public health level through delivering Bystander Intervention training across a broad range of organisations, and delivering Behaviour Change work to perpetrators of domestic abuse.

Their therapy practice focuses on work with gender, relationship, and sexual diversity. They bring a compassionate, person-centred approach to complement their solution-oriented psychosexual training.

Jem is a dance enthusiast, a love first discovered in clubs, raves, and festivals, and finding its way over 7 years ago into Contact Improv. They live in South Devon for the people and the nature.

Dana Anderson (Katya)


offers Special sound for special places

Dana Anderson (they/them) is a DJ with a focus on House, Ambient and elected Sounds. With more than a decade of experience as a CI dancer, facilitator, club & festival organizer and DJ they love to amplify and enrich the atmosphere of a space with their track selection, emotional depth and connection with the space. Beside playing at many electronic music clubs and festivals Dana Anderson is skilled in supporting a variety of settings, events and moods. In May 2023 they released their first track remix while others are already in the making.
Full gig history, DJ sets and released production collaborations:  /

Lûmenia (Célia)


offers Musician, Violin and Voice & Transformative Performances

Lûmenia (aka Célia Schann) is a French violinist and singer doing “Transformative Performances”, developing new concepts combining music and performance with healing and nature. The award-winning artist has been passionately working as a chamber musician and soloist on national and international stages since studying violin at the Hanns Eisler Academy of Music in Berlin and has played in numerous renowned orchestras.


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